Who even am I?

And why should you, dear reader, care?

GPA through high school + college πŸ€“

I started this business because I saw how entrepreneurs like you need a website that's easy, affordable, and attractive. And you don't want to have to hire five different people to make that happen. With me, it's "one and done."

But who even am I? Here's a li'l about li'l ol' me.

When it comes to websites, some people put their stock in design: "It's all about the visual experience!" Others claim copy is more important: "It's all about the messaging!" 

I believe both are equally essential. And, unlike most web designers, I've got both skills. 




Blog posts I've written or edited ✏️


year I launched my website design business πŸ—“



Follower of Christ

My identity is found, first and foremost, in Jesus. I start every morning in the Word and in prayer β€” I'd be lost without both.


Wife to Troy

I married the funniest man in the Midwest in November 2015, and he still makes me laugh every day. Especially when he talks to our dog.


Lover of language

From childhood bookworm to aspiring novelist to experienced copywriter, I've always loved a good story (and the way it's told).


Family gal

With one son, four siblings, and lots of nieces + nephews β€” all of whom live in my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota β€” I'm a blessed mom, sister, and aunt.


Adventurer at Heart

Whether visiting a unique restaurant or traveling to an unfamiliar town, I love trying new things and experiencing other cultures.

Who I Am


French 75 Cocktails

Give me gin, champagne, lemon, and sugar β€” and hand it to me in a vintage coupe glass with a French "SantΓ©!" β€” and we'll be fast friends.


Cozy Nights In

Just as much as I love going out, I adore staying in β€” snuggling my pup, reading a great book, sipping a glass of dry red wine . . . basically, pure introvert bliss.


All Things Beautiful

As an Enneagram Four, I have an innate desire to surround myself with beauty. That's why I so appreciate design, dancing, literature, music, fashion . . . pretty much all the arts!


My Dog, Pali

To call myself a doting doggie mama would be an understatement. Pali (named after the Na Pali Coast in Hawaii, where Troy and I hiked on our honeymoon) is such a joy!


Travel, near + far

It doesn't matter where β€” pick a place, and I want to visit. I have a soft spot for Europe, but even the Midwest, my home region, has countless gems hidden within it.

What I Love

So, Whaddaya think?

Could we be friends? Book club buddies? Happy hour pals?
Partners on a fabulous new website? πŸ˜‰

If you tell me where you want to go, I'll help you come up with a plan to get there β€” starting with a killer website that attracts, convinces, and converts your audience.

Reach out to get started today. (Or to see more pictures of my dog.)

Wow, that was a lot of talking about myself. Introvert-me is exhausted.

I'd much rather talk about you β€” your business, your goals, your website wishes. What do you want your customers to know about you? How can we tell your story?