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Sarah Klongerbo, copywriting (well, journaling) in Spain

You aren’t the first person to ask! Learn what copywriting is, why it’s important, and my personal response to three copywriting FAQs (like how much it actually costs…).

What Exactly Is “Copywriting”?

January 2021 Highs and Lows for Sarah Klongerbo

I launched a business. I participated in the Sioux Falls Burger Battle. I’m being too perfectionistic. Here are my January 2021 highlights!

January 2021: Highs, Lows, and Tip / Trick / Tool of the Month

Sarah Klongerbo and Cassandra Ruppert lifting their arms in the air in Spain

I quit my job. During a pandemic. While my husband is still taking a below-average salary as he builds his own business. Am I crazy? 🤪

Why I Quit My Job (During a Pandemic) to Start a Business

Two girls copywriting at their computers

What’s missing from your website? There’s one major element you need, and if you don’t have it, you’re losing your audience — guaranteed.

The #1 Thing Most Website Designs Are Missing

Mountains at sunrise, showing hope that you will be okay

Like my mother, Tiffany Wendt was an absolute knockout, both in body and in spirit. And like my mother, she was called home too soon.

You Will Be Okay.


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