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Increase Your Facebook Ad CTR with These 5 Copywriting Tips [My First Podcast Interview!]

5 Tricks for Writing Ad Copy That Works Podcast with Sarah Klongerbo

Struggling to write ad copy that connects with your ideal client or customer?

Want to increase your click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook and Instagram?

Love listening to first-time podcasters make fools of themselves?

I’m kidding about the last one (sort of). Yes, this was my first podcast interview ever, and yes, I repeated a couple of phrases a few too many times… but I’m giving myself grace for that.

I’m actually pretty proud of myself for agreeing to go on the Till Agency podcast, Stuff Marketers Say, to chat all about ad copywriting. I even enjoyed it!

Dare I say more podcasting is in my future?! 🙊

Listen to the Copywriting Podcast

For now, here is my podcast interview with Davey Jones, one of the founders of Till Agency, where I work part-time as a copywriter.

(If you’re looking for an advertising agency that knows its stuff, check us out!)

Listen in for my top five tips for writing Facebook ad copy that converts. 👇

5 Tricks for Writing Facebook Ad Copy That Converts

Looking for the CliffsNotes version of this podcast? Here are my five ad copywriting tips in snack size!

1. Start with the Call to Action [8:45]

Every word in your ad should support your call to action (or CTA).

Whether your ultimate goal is to get people to download an offer, register for an event, or purchase a product, always keep that end goal in mind when writing your ad copy.

Your ad’s main job is to encourage people to take the next step (AKA clicking the link to your landing page). So make that journey seamless. Use consistent language between your ad and your landing page, and don’t waste ANY words. 

2. Speak to Your Audience [19:33]

The beauty of Facebook and Instagram advertising is that you can target exactly who you want to work with.

With such advanced targeting options available to you, don’t speak too broadly to too many people.

You do want to maintain your own brand voice, but you also want to speak your audience’s language. Always ask, “Why would my ideal client or customer care about this? What do they want to hear?”

3. Don’t Be Clever. Be Clear. [13:50]

…Or, as Davey would correct me, “Don’t be clever at the expense of being clear.”

You want your audience to grasp, immediately, what you’re trying to say. Otherwise, they’ll give up and keep scrolling.

Like designers say: “The best design is invisible.” So, keep your ad copy short and sweet. Be clever if you must — but above all, be clear.

4. Do Your Best to STAND OUT in the Feed [26:15]

There’s no need to draw attention to your ad copywriting, but you SHOULD draw attention to the ad itself!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to get your copy to stand out on Facebook or Instagram:

  • Include numbers (“free 14-day trial,” “increase sales by 10%,” etc.)
  • Use on-brand emojis (even if you don’t typically!)
  • Consider bold or italicized text (using a tool like — BUT don’t overdo it)
  • Include your landing page URL in the ad copy (which also increases clicks!)
  • Put important words in ALL CAPS (but again, don’t overdo it)

5. Test, Test, Test! [36:33]

Without testing, you’ll never know what’s working (and what’s not) — meaning you won’t be able to scientifically improve your ads.

Plus, Facebook makes it sooo easy to test your ad copy. You can even use dynamic creative to allow the algorithm to automatically show the best variation of an ad for a specific user. Magic! ✨

You never know what your audience will respond to. So, don’t be afraid to try something you normally wouldn’t. The results may surprise you!

Increase Your Facebook Ad CTR with These 5 Copywriting Tips [My First Podcast Interview!]

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