welcome to my blog!


welcome to my blog!

Sarah Klongerbo flipping through a book, representing why you need a brand guide for your business

Don’t have a brand style guide yet? You need one. Here’s why — and how to create one that supports your business goals.

Sarah Klongerbo typing microcopy on a laptop

Tiny words, huge results. See how microcopy can improve your user experience, conversion rate, and brand recall. (Examples included!)

Sarah Klongerbo writing on her laptop about brand voice and point of view (POV)

Want to attract the right clients? Use the right point of view. Here’s how to choose the best POV for your brand voice.

Sarah Klongerbo writing a blog post about storytelling in marketing

Telling stories in your marketing copy grabs attention, creates connection, and drives revenue to your business. Here’s how.

Sarah Klongerbo laughing at her computer about bad grammar costing you business

Did you know grammar and writing mistakes can actually cost you business? Here’s why — and how to prevent them in the first place!

MacBook on a desk in front of a window, where a millennial might work in 2022

Looking for creative ways to work faster and live better? Here are 12 time-saving tips that any working millennial should know in 2023.

Notebook and pen on table as someone prepares to take the 5-Day Website Copy Crash Course from Sarah Klongerbo

Terrified of writing your own web copy? Take my new, FREE email course to learn how to write your website in just five days!

Schock Family

Welcome to my last monthly recap. Learn why I’m retiring these updates (and what to expect instead)!

Sarah Klongerbo typing a blog post about the best business tools of 2022

Looking to level up your small business in 2023? Here are 12 of my favorite tools for creative entrepreneurs.

A beautiful charcuterie board

New brand photos, a few great meetings, and quality family time — November flew by, but it was a fantastic month for my business (and life).