welcome to my blog!


welcome to my blog!

The Klongerbo family

Curious what the Klongerbos were up to in 2023? Read our family Christmas letter (written by Troy) to find out!

Sarah Klongerbo holding her newborn son, with her husband by her hospital bed

As my baby turns one, I can’t help but reflect on the best, most beautiful year of my life. I hope these insights encourage you in your own motherhood journey!

Sarah Klongerbo and the hosts of her baby shower

I found the best baby registry products so you don’t have to! Check out my complete guide to cute, practical baby products for new working moms.

What were the Klongerbos up to in 2022? Read our family Christmas letter (written by Troy) to find out!

Pregnant Sarah Klongerbo in Blue Mounds State Park

Pregnancy has affected my physical, mental, and spiritual health in surprising ways. Here are my best pregnancy tips and resources for moms-to-be!

MacBook on a desk in front of a window, where a millennial might work in 2022

Looking for creative ways to work faster and live better? Here are 12 time-saving tips that any working millennial should know in 2023.

Schock Family

Welcome to my last monthly recap. Learn why I’m retiring these updates (and what to expect instead)!

A beautiful charcuterie board

New brand photos, a few great meetings, and quality family time — November flew by, but it was a fantastic month for my business (and life).

Troy and Sarah Klongerbo with their dog Pali

Merry Christmas from the Klongerbos! We’re doing something different this year and posting our letter (written by Troy) online.

Sarah and Troy Klongerbo in Newport, RI

I turned 30! Check out my birthday vacation highlights, plus other business news from October 2021.