Sarah and Troy Klongerbo with their brother, sister-in-law, and their puppy

March 2021: Highs, Lows, and Tip / Trick / Tool of the Month

Can you feel it?

That freshness in the air?

That undeniable sense of hope as the days stretch out, turning everything they touch into green?

Spring is here. Along with it, I’m experiencing a new sense of optimism about my business.

Nothing has changed, really. I just feel like I’m finding my footing a little more.

I’m still behind on a few projects, but the beauty of spring is that it makes everything feel a bit more manageable, doesn’t it?

Like, maybe you didn’t cross off every task on your list … but there’s still a patio somewhere, waiting for you, where you can sip a cocktail, feel the breeze on your face, and wash off the day.

There’s always tomorrow.

March Highs 😀

I’m excited about some new client prospects.

Between people who have recently reached out for help and clients I’ve already signed, I’m feeling energized + hopeful about the work we can accomplish together.

While I have loved working with all of my partners so far, I feel like I’m getting closer to booking that “ideal client” business coaches are always talking about. Which is fun!

I said my first “no.”

It sounds weird to share this as a high point, but I’m actually really proud of myself for turning down a lead right off the bat.

Like many new business owners (and people pleasers), I find it very difficult to say “no” … especially when saying “yes” is an opportunity for more income, and especially when my income is still so variable.

But this person was asking for immediate help (like, “can we meet tomorrow?” kind of help), it wasn’t an assignment I was particularly jazzed about, and I’m already swamped with other projects.

So, in the name of prioritization, I politely declined the request.

And guess what? It actually felt so good. (You know, in an empathetic, “I hope you find the help you need!” kind of way.) 😉

I’ve enjoyed a lot of quality family time.

After my grandma passed away last month, my family continued to gather in support of each other and in celebration of her life. (Read the reflections I shared at my grandma’s funeral here.)

The rest of the month was filled with other quality time spent with family, such as: 

  • My nieces’ birthday party (they were born a day apart, so they shared a celebration)
  • A surprise puppy adoption (Moose, a squish-worthy golden retriever — the best breed, if you ask me + Pali
  • A private cooking class with my husband (my belated anniversary present — Sioux Falls peeps, hit up Skajewski Catering for an unforgettable experience!)

I’m always grateful for my marriage + family, but this month, I was especially reminded of how blessed I am.

March Lows 😞

I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.

As I hinted at above, I’m a bit overloaded on work right now.

I know “busy” is every entrepreneur’s favorite word to say (and everyone else’s least favorite word to hear), so I’m not going to pretend my situation is unique or unbearable.

But the fact is that there’s literally only so much time available in a week, and I have simply promised too many hours to too many people.

I vow to do better, both for myself + for my clients.

My schedule still isn’t as structured as I want.

Or at least, as structured as I need.

Not gonna lie, the flexible schedule does suit my personality. But I know that in order to make this business (and my part-time agency job) work, I must be more rigid with my time.

One day, I did schedule out every single task on my Google Calendar, and I found that — big surprise — each task took me much longer than I’d assumed … which is probably why I’m falling behind on a few things. 😬

I’m sure if I start blocking + tracking my time more diligently, I’ll start to have more control (and less stress) over my daily + weekly routines.

Tip / Trick / Tool of the Month 💡

Tip: It’s okay to change your mind.

I heard this on a podcast recently, and I found it so freeing.

As a recovering perfectionist, I’ve struggled with the mentality that I have to “get it right” the first time. I also hate the concept of sunk cost.

But as entrepreneurs, we have to accept that our plans, processes, and even businesses will change — and that’s a good thing.

For example, I initially set out to write one blog post per week. Three months into launching my new website, I’ve published only seven posts (eight, if you count the one I carried over from my old blog because I love Tiffany Wendt’s testimony so much).

Now, I could either continue to beat myself up over the fact that I’ve failed at achieving my goal … or I could simply adapt + move on.

I’m not saying I can’t manage to write one post every week. But, evaluating the situation objectively, I believe that some of that time is better spent on either client work or other tasks that move my business forward.

So, I’m going to aim to write one post every other week instead.

At least for now.

I can always change my mind later. 😉

Trick: Keyboard Shortcut for Foreign Accents

As I was typing “crème brûlée” for my cooking class Instagram post, I remembered a keyboard shortcut I learned after years of tedious Googling, copying, and pasting international characters:

For immediate access to foreign accents, simply hold down the letter key in your text editor, and a small menu will appear. From there, just type the corresponding numeral key to insert the accented letter you need.


Tool: Pocket Casts

In honor of my newest blog post, “My 9 Favorite Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs” I’m sharing my favorite podcast app.

Why, you ask, do I pay $0.99 per month* on Pocket Casts instead of using Apple Podcasts or Spotify, both of which I already have?

Well, it’s prettier. 😂 Which sounds like an absolutely ridiculous reason, and it is … unless you are an aesthetics-loving Enneagram Four like me.

Pocket Casts does have a bunch of extra features that I love, too, such as:

  • An “up next” queue
  • Cross-device syncing
  • Helpful audio controls
  • Intuitive search + filter functions
  • And more

I have no idea if there’s anything particularly unique about Pocket Casts’ features. 😅 But the clean interface + customizable themes are enough for me!

*Pretty sure there’s a free version too, but I wanted the desktop app.

And that’s March 2021 in a nutshell!

To cap off the month, Troy and I headed to Arizona with a few friends on the 31st. We were gone for just three short nights, so it went fast — but it was beautiful to enjoy some fun in the sun.

(Sioux Falls friends, please don’t point out the fact that it was mid-70s while we were gone … 🤪

Wherever you are, I hope you’re able to enjoy the warmth + good cheer that come with this season called spring.

Thanks for being here. If there’s anything I can do to help you, or to make these monthly recaps better, please let me know.

Until next month!

Favorite Photos from March 2021

After Pali chewed up my small leather Bible, I’m surprised I let her this close to this one!
Troy called my new cardigan a “mom cloak.” Also, my office is already messy.
Babysitting two of my nieces.
Babysitting two other nieces + my nephew.
Caught Troy looking like a boss in our office building.
Enjoying our private cooking class with Skajewski Catering.
We got to cook + eat in the beautiful Creative Surfaces showroom in Sioux Falls, SD.
Celebrating my nieces’ birthdays.
Smash cake success!

March 2021: Highs, Lows, and Tip / Trick / Tool of the Month

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