welcome to my blog!


welcome to my blog!

Sarah Klongerbo holding a book about editing tips for marketers

Stop! Before you publish that copy, make sure you’ve followed these six easy editing tips that every marketer should know.

Troy and Sarah Klongerbo looking at website copywriting rates online

Here’s how much some of the best creative copywriters in the industry charge for website copy — and why. (I’ll even share my prices, too.)

Sarah Klongerbo and the hosts of her baby shower

I found the best baby registry products so you don’t have to! Check out my complete guide to cute, practical baby products for new working moms.

What were the Klongerbos up to in 2022? Read our family Christmas letter (written by Troy) to find out!

Sarah Klongerbo, creator of The Brand + Website Copy Bundle

Looking for custom web copy? Book my new service for creative businesses, The Brand + Website Copy Bundle, for all-in-one, done-for-you copy!

Pregnant Sarah Klongerbo in Blue Mounds State Park

Pregnancy has affected my physical, mental, and spiritual health in surprising ways. Here are my best pregnancy tips and resources for moms-to-be!

Sarah Klongerbo, writing website home page copy on her laptop

Not in love with your website’s Home page? Learn exactly how to structure, write, and edit your Home page copy for maximum conversion!

MacBook on a desk in front of a window, where a millennial might work in 2022

Looking for creative ways to work faster and live better? Here are 12 time-saving tips that any working millennial should know in 2022.

Notebook and pen on table as someone prepares to take the 5-Day Website Copy Crash Course from Sarah Klongerbo

Terrified of writing your own web copy? Take my new, FREE email course to learn how to write your website in just five days!

Schock Family

Welcome to my last monthly recap. Learn why I’m retiring these updates (and what to expect instead)!

5-Day Website Copy Crash Course

Take this free email course (with templates!) to craft your website copy in just five days.