welcome to my blog!


welcome to my blog!

Sarah Klongerbo flipping through a book, representing why you need a brand guide for your business

Don’t have a brand style guide yet? You need one. Here’s why — and how to create one that supports your business goals.

Sarah Klongerbo holding her newborn son, with her husband by her hospital bed

As my baby turns one, I can’t help but reflect on the best, most beautiful year of my life. I hope these insights encourage you in your own motherhood journey!

Sarah Klongerbo flipping a page, representing readable marketing content

Want to make sure your marketing content actually gets read? Try this quick tip. (It literally couldn’t be easier!)

Sarah Klongerbo writing a blog post about storytelling in marketing

Telling stories in your marketing copy grabs attention, creates connection, and drives revenue to your business. Here’s how.

Sarah Klongerbo working on marketing copy with her dog Pali on a bed

Empathy is the #1 skill a copywriter (or human) can master. Here’s why — and 8 ways to write empathetic marketing copy.

Sarah Klongerbo laughing at her computer about bad grammar costing you business

Did you know grammar and writing mistakes can actually cost you business? Here’s why — and how to prevent them in the first place!

Sarah Klongerbo holding a book about editing tips for marketers

Stop! Before you publish that copy, make sure you’ve followed these six easy editing tips that every marketer should know.

Troy and Sarah Klongerbo looking at website copywriting rates online

Here’s how much some of the best creative copywriters in the industry charge for website copy — and why. (I’ll even share my prices, too.)

Sarah Klongerbo and the hosts of her baby shower

I found the best baby registry products so you don’t have to! Check out my complete guide to cute, practical baby products for new working moms.

What were the Klongerbos up to in 2022? Read our family Christmas letter (written by Troy) to find out!

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