Sarah Klongerbo at the Buffalo Roundup in Custer, SD, in 2021

September 2021: Highs, Lows, and Tip / Trick / Tool of the Month

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That’s how I felt on my workation in the Black Hills of South Dakota toward the end of September. Relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated, relieved.


…And that’s how I feel now that I’m back. 😅

Just kidding. I did enjoy some lovely time away, and fortunately, the effect is lingering.

However, I do have plenty to do… and, with another trip on the horizon, not much time to do it!

Let’s get to it. Here are my monthly highs, lows, and key learnings.

September Highs

I’m gaining focus and traction in my business.

For example:

5 Tricks for Writing Ad Copy That Works Podcast with Sarah Klongerbo

I purchased two awesome business courses.

I’ve been targeted for #allthecourses ever since I started my business, but this month, two really caught my eye (and my money):

  • Creative Business Accelerator: I’m a big Hilary Rushford fan, so when she opened the doors to CBA — at her lowest price ever ($197) — I felt compelled to buy. And so far, it’s been incredible. I spent much of my time in the Black Hills rethinking my entire business strategy and am so excited about where I’m headed.
  • The Instagram Lab: I’m also a Jenna Kutcher fan (who isn’t?), and I especially admire her approach to Instagram. With my brand photography session coming up this month, I’ve been more seriously considering my own IG strategy, so this course seemed timely to take. (That, and I think I was a little “course happy” after having just purchased CBA. 😅 ) I haven’t really started TIL yet, but I’m hopeful it’ll help me connect with more potential clients on the ‘Gram!

I got to watch some fun golf.

Never thought that’d be a “high” of mine, but that’s what marriage does, I guess. 😆

In September:

  • Troy played in his favorite tournament of the year, and his parents came down from Duluth to watch with me.
  • I tagged along as Troy and my brother Kyle played in a state golf tournament together (and even watched Kyle make a hole in one!).
  • The Sanford International (or, as Troy calls it, “the great Sioux Falls family reunion”) came to town, and we spent a few days watching some familiar senior golfers — and bumping into many more familiar local faces.
Kyle Schock getting his fourth hole in one at Willow Run in Sioux Falls, with Troy Klongerbo
Troy’s tee shot wasn’t too bad, either!

September Lows

Honestly, not much!

I guess I could dig deep to come up with some low points from September… but why? 😂

Instead, I’ll share a few business-y things I’m hoping to improve upon in October and beyond:

  • My content strategy: With so much I want to do — blog, Instagram, Pinterest, maybe even a podcast — I need to determine where to focus my efforts.
  • My business finances + taxes: For starters… what are they? Where are they? When are they? 🤣
  • My time management: Inspired by Atomic Habits (see “Tool” below), I’m trying to improve my daily routine to boost my productivity, energy, and work / life balance — especially with some travel and the holidays quickly approaching.

Tip / Trick / Tool of the Month

Tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for input.

On my workation in the Black Hills, while going through my CBA course, one of Hilary’s exercises encouraged us to brainstorm our gifting by asking our communities what they would ask us for advice on.

So, vulnerably, I did. I literally asked my Instagram followers what they think I’m good at. 🙈 (And promptly wanted to crawl into a hole.)

But I’m glad I did, because I got a lot of compliments that not only made me feel all fuzzy, but also helped me see, with even greater clarity, what I am good at — what I’m actually called to. (In short, language and connection. More revealed later.)

If you’re ever at a crossroads in your career, if you’re ever uncertain about how or whether to make a decision, or if you’re ever down and need a little pick-me-up

Why not ask your community for a hand?

Your friends, family, and colleagues know you better than anyone. Consider their words with discernment, but do consider them.

Too many of us go through life without really reflecting on it — let alone letting our communities in. Cringe-y Instagrams and all!

Sarah Klongerbo asking for business feedback on Instagram

Trick: Take easier screenshots on iPhone

Another high from September — I (finally) got a new iPhone! Among its many perks, I’ve discovered a cool new trick: Back Tap.

With iOS 14, you can simply double (or triple) tap the back of your iPhone 8 or later and immediately take a screenshot, trigger accessibility actions, and more.

To set this up, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap.

Tool: Atomic Habits

(A bit of a stretch, but if you think of James Clear’s entire habit-forming framework as a “tool”… well, just go with it.)

I’ve had Atomic Habits on my desk, literally staring me in the face, all year. But it wasn’t until my Black Hills workation that I finally cracked the spine.

And the book does live up to its hype! If you’re interested in breaking a bad habit, building a good one, or just self-improvement in general:

Atomic Habits, wine glass, Beats headphones, notebook, and pen on a table

Okay, that’s a wrap for September.

Thanks for being here. I appreciate you!

Favorite Photos from September 2021

Troy and Sarah Klongerbo and his mom on the golf course
All smiles in the sun while watching Troy play in the Worthington Classic!
Troy and Sarah Klongerbo and his parents in a golf cart
Loved hanging on the course with Troy’s parents.
Troy Klongerbo and his dad on the golf course
Troy and his pops.
Troy Klongerbo and his dog Pali
Troy and our (energetic) pup.
Sarah Klongerbo meeting one of her Till Agency coworkers at Josiah's in Sioux Falls
I got to finally meet one of my Till Agency coworkers IRL when she passed through Sioux Falls!
Sarah Klongerbo and some of her nieces and nephews at a soccer game
Going to my nieces and nephews’ soccer games is one of my new favorite activities. 🥰

Sarah and Troy Klongerbo and her brother and sister-in-law at Germanfest in Sioux Falls
Just a couple of Germans enjoying Germanfest in Sioux Falls.
Kyle Schock getting his fourth hole-in-one at Willow Run in Sioux Falls
This lucky SOB got his fourth hole-in-one!
Sarah Klongerbo enjoying a walk on the golf course
Walking the golf course on a gorgeous day.
Sarah and Troy Klongerbo celebrating her brother's hole-in-one
So fun to literally watch the ball roll into the hole!
Troy and Sarah Klongerbo at the Sanford International in Sioux Falls
Troy and me at the Sanford International.
Sarah Klongerbo and her brother at the Sanford International golf tournament
…And me and my bro!
View from the Schock cabin deck in the Black Hills
The view from the deck of my family cabin in the Black Hills.
Sarah Klongerbo getting work done in the Black Hills
So grateful to have the time away to learn, think, and plan.
Custer Buffalo Roundup 2021
The Annual Custer State Park Buffalo Roundup was a sight to behold!
Sarah Klongerbo and her dog in a school bus
Pali on the bus at the Buffalo Roundup.
Sarah Klongerbo's dog getting a lot of attention in a school bus
She was pretty popular. 😂
Troy Klongerbo and his dog, Pali
Bringing Pali to the Arts Festival.
Troy Klongerbo enjoying lunch
Enjoying lunch before a hike.
Sarah Klongerbo at the Buffalo Roundup in Custer, SD, in 2021
Just a South Dakota girl… 🎵

September 2021: Highs, Lows, and Tip / Trick / Tool of the Month

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